Frequently Asked Questions

If I hire SVA, do I have to send all my listings and contracts to you to process?

No, We only work on what you want us to work on. No minimum or maximum requirement. 

What if a contract terminates, how is it billed?

We will send you a full explanation on how our billing works with the sign up client agreement documents.  On standard and deluxe contract 2 close packages your cost would basically be prorated based on the days we worked on your file. 

If I hire you for contract 2 close will I be working with the same person on all my files?

Yes, you will be assigned a lead transaction coordinator.

If I hire you for listings will I be working with the same person on all my files?

Our listing department works differently from contract 2 close and is made up of several ladies who are assigned tasks on each listing according to what their role is within SVA.  You would communicate with on email ( and they will be able to answer and handle anything needed at anytime. Our listing manager is Karen Neal and she oversees the entire department. She has been with SVA since 2011. 

What is the best way to communicate with SVA?

We see all emails, text, calls etc... in the same place. We try to make it easy on you, You can communicate with us in whatever form works best for you.  We consider your needs of utmost importance and we will get back with you asap. 

What if I need a listing entered in the listing services on the same day?

Our cutoff time for same day entry is 2pm on business days. We do not enter listings on the weekend or holidays. Example: If your listing is received after 2pm on Friday, it will be entered on Monday morning.